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At TopDog our daycare is well supervised by fully trained and knowledgable staff. We are proud to boast having the following professionals on staff:

  • 2 Karen Pryor Academy graduates
  • 1 Animal Behaviour College Certified Dog Trainer
  • 3 Board members on the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers.

Our Daycare is much more than a day-boarding facility. At TopDog the dogs play and socialize together. They wrestle and run, play chase and hide&seek. They play in wading pools and chase the sprinklers. They chase around “giant ice soccer balls” in the summer and romp and chase snow balls in the winter. When they are tuckered out from all the fun they snuggle up together or simply lounge in the sun. We have several daycare areas allowing for puppies, seniors and small dogs to take a break from the rest of the group if they choose. Our large fully fenced outdoor area ensures they get lots of fresh air and outdoor fun. We also have closed circuit cameras for both the outdoor and indoor areas; to not only assist staff but to give you a chance to catch your pooch playing before you pick them up.

We all know that the dogs are happy to come play but maybe their humans think they could also use some help with their manners too? We can do that! We offer personalized one on one training during daycare of requested. With our train and play packages the dogs come into daycare, play with their friends, and then leave the group play area with one of our on staff trainers to work on whatever behaviours have been requested. Once they have completed some training they go back to their friends again for some more play time.

Please see our packages below. With our many combos you are sure to find something to suit all your dog daycare needs. Please click on the packages below for pricing information:

Download our Daycare Application

If you can, please download our daycare application and liability waiver, read over them, fill them out and bring them with you when you come in.