At TopDog we offer a wide range of grooming services to fit your needs.


Who’s grooming your pet?

Monica Johnny has been professionally grooming both dogs and cats since 1979. Her expertise is sought after by both pet owners and show competitors. Monica’s skills as a dog trainer make her ideal choice for your puppy’s first grooming and her gentle hands will care for him/her well into their seniors years.

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Every groom includes:

  • bathing
  • blow drying with a high velocity dryer
  • nail trim
  • ear cleaning
  • brush out
  • any clipping requested

Please see our price ranges below.*

Short Coat Thick Coat Long, Single Coat Drop Coated Long, Double Coat Giant Breeds
$20-$40 $35-$60 $40-$80 $35-$65 $35-$70 $50-$140

*Prices listed exclude HST and are estimates only depending on size of dog and condition of coat. If your dog is small for it’s breed and fine coated it will be at the lower end of the scale. If your dog is large for her breed and heavy coated she will be on the upper end. 

What coat does my dog have?

If you are not sure which category your dog coat falls into or would like to know more about caring for your dog’s coat please click here.

Nail Trim

Both dogs and cats should have their nails trimmed monthly, which is always included in our groom at no additional charge; but it also needs to be done between groomer visits.

Nail trims and ear cleaning are available any time during business hours without an appointment.

Nail Trim Ear Cleaning
$12 $6

Prices exclude HST.