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We came to TopDog with a purpose. Our purpose was how do we handle a cute fluffy puppy knowing in 7 months we were going to have a very large German Shepard named Meka. Kathy and Kacy have shown us how to train Meka with lots of care and understanding of our breed and of dogs in general. The one thing we stand by all the time is you have to be consistent with your training. The training is a lifetime of experience for you and your dog. It is one of the best When I approached Kathy about helping find a dog and train it to be my helper I was not sure what to expect. But Kathy found me the most perfect yellow lab. Jasmine was in need of a loving home and I was in need of a loving dog. Kathy taught Jasmine to help me up when if I fell down due to my disability. She helped clear a path in crowds of people to help keep me for losing my balance. Jasmine and I have spent many a happy hour working and walking together as a team.Thanks Kathy for finding my sweet Jasmine.

Ruth Richmond

Our two year old West Highland Terrier, Whisky, attended puppy training at Top Dog. Whisky and his masters learned a great deal about socially acceptable behaviour from the capable staff and trainers.
Whisky has enjoyed attending for day care often and just can’t wait to get through the gate when we drop him off. We frequently book Whisky for home style day care for weekends away, or weeks away and fee so comfortable doing so because we know he is well looked after whether he is staying for two days or two weeks. His eagerness to arrive lets us know how happy and excited he is to be there.
I would highly recommend Top Dog. Everyone you come in contact with is friendly, informative and friendly.

Monica Peckham
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It is a pleasure to write a reference letter for Kacy Currie and Kathy Currie-Eyers at Top Dog K9 Services and Just N Time rescue.I have been receiving dog training and dog training advice from them for the past approximate 4 – 5 years and have also done some volunteer work for Just N Time rescue.They have always sacrificed whatever was needed in order to look after dogs and cats in their care. They always put the welfare of animals at the utmost importance, their establishment is always clean and well maintained. Whenever I seek advise or in a training class when someone needs advice they always take the time to explain thoroughly the solutions that can help owners. This has always impressed me as I’m sure some other trainers would ask for a consultation or fee for this service but at Top Dogs they readily give any advise needed because they are more concerned with helping people and their pets work out their issues. I’ve witnessed them staying well after class is over just to take the time to make sure the owner knows how to try to resolve an issue.Any rescue dogs I have taken classes with or walked etc. are always happy and healthy. They have taken dogs into their care that have had issues (health and behavioural) and they always strive to do what is best for the dog/cat. I can recall one instance in particular where the dog was in bad shape with fur loss etc. and within months of being in their care she looked like a completely different dog, it was so good to see her become a happy healthy dog. I have also adopted a cat from Just N Time and there was follow up a few times to see how he was doing and I know they carefully screen potential adoption applications (and foster homes) to ensure it’s the right home to match the rescue. My parents have adopted a dog through Just N Time and they are very happy with their pet as well as the great support and service they received, any questions are always welcomed by Kacy and Kathy. They also welcome volunteers to do classes with any rescue dogs so they can become more adoptable, my daughter and I have done some and the rescue dogs love to be in class I have probably been in well over 40 classes at Top Dogs and the classes are always informative and the instructors are adaptable to the needs of the dogs in the class.

Darlene Cole
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Well, it will be coming up on 2 years this October that Tavi has been a part of our lives and it’s days like today when it really drives home what an important part you and your Team at TopDog K9 Services plays continually in making Tavi’s life a good one with us.
You may recall that Michael had a SMALL 25lb dog in mind when he surprised Iain and I with our new bundle of fur, and although training Tavi with you had always been a priority from the beginning, it’s even more reassuring to know that we can take our now 80+lb LARGE Doodle anywhere he’s allowed to go because of the Training Expertise you’ve imparted and helped our whole Family to achieve.
Everywhere we go with him, people constantly remark at what a “good” dog he is (and particularly for how young he is) – I know you’ve said it time and again that we did this, but we could never have developed the skills for training him without you and TopDog K9 Services. You made training fun, made it a part of our lives and made Tavi a welcome sight anywhere dogs are allowed.
And – on the occasions that Tavi is not allowed to accompany us, TopDog K9 Services is our only choice for looking after Tavi., whether it’s for a few hours or for days. We have friends who have asked to take care of him (because he’s such an awesome dog LOL!) when we go away, but knowing that his Home Away from home is your Establishment is so worth the investment to have him in your care. From Training (initial and continuing education!), to Boarding (or should I say Tavi Resort Escapes!) and all his
Grooming and Health advice, we know you have Tavi’s best interests at heart.
Thank you so much for being an extended part of our Tavi Family!

Heather Kearns
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I have beetalin a client of Top Dog K9 Services since December 2, 2008.
I rescued an Azores Cattle Dog (obscure breed which I had no knowledge of) from the Barrie SPCA and was handed a free assessment flyer and 4 hours of free daycare for Top Dog K9 Services and was told it was the only Doggy Daycare they recommended. I put Tali in my car and drove directly to Mapleview Animal Clinic and was handed the same flyer and the same recommendation from my Veterinarian. The very best move I ever made. Without Top Dog, Tali would have been back at the SPCA or I would have been a very scared, frustrated owner with a very strong willed dog.Tali, was lovely for the first month and then the honeymoon ended. She had not been socialized, she had no concept of playing with other dogs, did not know what a toy was, but she obviously did have some background with obedience. She is a guarding/herding breed and very bonded to me……to the point my own parents were terrified to come to the house. I signed up for a basic class and we have been in classes ever since. Tali is not an easy dog, but she is smart, loyal and willing. Kathy Currie-Eyers has been our instructor for 90% of our classes and she understands Tali and Tali adores Kathy. She told me very early on that Tali was going to teach me a great deal….she was right! My past experience has been with Labradors and border collies…..Tali has the brains of both, the loyalty of both, the drive of both, but also a fierce protectiveness to those who are hers which can be a difficult trait to cope with. Is it the breed or is it the fact she was an abused, neglected stray? We will never know. She is a daily challenge and joy.We went to Mapleview in December for her shots and my Veterinarian told me she couldn’t believe the change in Tali. Instead of being wary and aggressive she was soft and obedient and didn’t look at Dr. Stephanie as a threat to myself or her. All due to the wonderful, patient staff at Top Dog K9 Services. I am learning that there are real “dog” people in this business and those who want to cash in on the growing pet industry. The team of Kathy Currie-Eyers and Kacy Currie are true dog people. They take their jobs very seriously. They put their money where their mouths are. They run Just-N-Time Rescue and help to rehabilitate and rehome the unwanted, unloved Tali’s of this world.I would recommend Top Dog K9 Services to anyone who needs a Doggy Daycare that is fully supervised and monitored and they will work with your dog to ensure socialization happens in a controlled and safe setting. I missed out on the puppy stages of Tali’s life, but I know how important those stages are and Top Dog encourages owner’s with puppies to join their Drop-In 6 week Puppy class for socialization and basic obedience skills. Some of the classes I have taken are basic and advanced obedience, flyball, agility, freestyle, Rally-O and we missed Life Skills which would have been advantageous to Tali!!!! I just witnessed a board and train which most definitely saved a dog’s life and that is what it is all about isn’t it? Saving lives? Learning to understand the issues and manage them in a controlled safe environment. I am leaving on vacation soon and Top Dog will be housing Tali for me. She will sleep on Kacy’s bed, play in daycare and only miss me enough to appreciate when I come home…….not a bad life for a dog who was abandoned! Whatever you need Top Dog can and will accommodate. They saved Tali’s life, of that I am sure.

Alison Salter & Tali

Our dog Dakota is a very active purebred Border Collie who came into our lives when he was just a baby. We trained him at another facility since he was 5 mths old. We received bad news at the end of September 2010 that the facility would have to close its doors. How do you tell your best friend who is almost 10 years old that he could not play with his friends anymore?
Two friends recommended TopDog K9 Services to us. We took Dakota for his evaluation and he passed with flying colours. We highly recommend this facility for doggie daycare and also its grooming services. The extensive daycare hours allow us to occasionally work longer than usual and not feel guilty about it. Dakota spends these days in a highly supervised environment playing inside and outside when the weather permits. When he gets home he is ready for food, cuddles and sleep!
Dakota is now a member of the TopDog family and we cannot express our appreciation enough to everyone who makes his days enjoyable.
Thank you all.

Cheryl Misch
Author Picture

We came to TopDog with a purpose. Our purpose was how do we handle a cute fluffy puppy knowing in 7 months we were going to have a very large German Shepard named Meka. Kathy and Kacy have shown us how to train Meka with lots of care and understanding of our breed and of dogs in general. The one thing we stand by all the time is you have to be consistent with your training. The training is a lifetime of experience for you and your dog. It is one of the best things you can for them, yourself and your family. Kathy and Kacy show companionship and love for the dogs. They understand their abilities and how we portray ourselves to the dogs. They understand how dogs communicate both to each other and to us in training. They just know how the dogs tick.So when a neighbor or person comes over to you and says what a well-mannered dog you can pat yourself on the back and thank the team that helped you train your dog.

Cathy and Terry Robinson

We went to Top Dog K-9 for help with our newly adopted dog (Nico) through the Boxer Rescue organization. We knew from the start that Nico may have deep rooted issues and would require a lot of Love.
Nico’s story: Nico was a stray when the Humane Society from St Catherine found him. After a month he was transferred to Toronto for approximately 3 months when he was placed with a Foster Family by Boxer Rescue. We also knew that he had to fight for survival before the Humane Society found him with numerous scars on his body as well as BB Gun pellets under his skin.
Nico was amazing with kids and people however he was unpredictable with other dogs and also had insecurities at home. We could not leave him alone at home without placing him in a cage otherwise he would mark his territory around the house.
To correct some of his behaviours we placed him with TopDog K9 for a 9 days Boot Camp with Kacy. The difference was just amazing. Kacy and the staff were wonderful with Nico and they showed us how to continue to train Nico and she suggested that we bring him to Daycare for socializing and learn how to play with other dogs. We can now report that he plays with other dogs without a muzzle which is a huge progress.
Of Course we and Nico still have a lot to learn and work to do. We are fully confident that the TopDog K9 team can help us achieve our goal.
Our most sincere gratitude to all the people who helped Nico along the way, the Humane Society St-Catherine/Toronto, Boxer Rescue and especially TopDog K9 Services.
Many thanks to all,
Marianne & Marcel Caron
Barrie, Ontario

Marianne & Marcel Caron

We have been taking our Dog Molly to TopDog K9 Services for almost a year now. We took her to Puppy classes and then on to Level One and Level Two. She attends doggy daycare at least once a week and thoroughly enjoys it. She knows when we pull in the parking lot where she is and gets VERY excited! We have been very impressed with the level of care that she receives there as well as the knowledge of all the staff from the daycare right on up to the instructors. We can’t say enough about Kathy, Kacy and everyone at TopDog. We have been recommending them with confidence to everyone we know and meet. We are sure they will receive the same level service and professionalism that we have!

Lori and Bryan with Molly the Rotti

Dear Kathy,In August, 2009, we adopted a little Shi-chon puppy. At 4 pounds, Gracie was well on her way to ruling our entire household and owning everything in it; that is, until we heard about Top Dog K9 Services. Over the fall and winter, we took a few training sessions: Kindergarten, Grade One, and Manners. Now, it’s a whole different picture; whereas before, it seemed as if we had no control, now our dog respects us, and listens and responds well.Thanks to Top Dog K9 Services; and specifically, Monica Johnny, our Instructor, we enjoy our dog more and can take her anywhere. Monica is a real pro when it comes to dogs and is an effective instructor. With all the different sizes and temperaments of dogs in all the classes, she showed her adeptness by once or twice diffusing a situation before it happened; such is her ability to understand, read and control the dogs. We learned so many things in class: too numerous to mention here. Suffice it to say that things are so much nicer at home now; and with all the notes we received, we were also able to train our older dog, who didn’t get to go to class.My husband and I highly recommend Top Dog K9 Services to anyone with a dog; whether it’s a puppy or an older dog. They have fun at class. It’s a nice way to spend an hour with your canine friend and both will benefit. Dog training lessons should be called Dog Fun Classes because that’s what they have there, and I think that’s what they are to the dogs. Taking dog lessons is the finest gift you could give to a puppy or dog owner; and one which will reverberate into the community and culminate in happy and polite dogs everywhere. YOU are the Top Dogs when it comes to training. Thank you so much.

.Colleen and Tom Dickinson

I have known the staff at Top Dog for many years now. This past summer we welcomed our new k9 family member Rogue into our life. She is a lab/mastiff cross who came from a farm where she grew up with her mom, dad and siblings. When we took her home she was 17 weeks old and hadn't had the proper socialization within the critical period in puppy development. She was terrified of everything. We were unable to convince her to walk, play, go anywhere with us or be social with other dogs. After a week or so of struggle I contacted Kacy to see if she would be able to take Rogue in for a board and train to see if we could help our poor girl get off to a good start. Kacy was more than willing to help us and after her week and a half long training period she had improved immensely. She was a very difficult case but with the proper training she gained her confidence, learned new tricks, had a great start with house /crate training and was well on her way to walking outside of the house by our side. We received more than expected from Top Dog and are so grateful for all that has helped us with Rogue. I would recommend Top Dog to anyone and everyone interested in their services. We plan to continue working with them and are soo soo happy with our new family member :)


Dear TopDog Canine Caregivers:

On the afternoon of November 12, at the Collingwood Dog Park, two large dogs ran into me a full throttle when I turned my back for a moment. I went directly to Emergency and when I got home by cab at midnight with a broken right leg in a cast, my aussie doddle Linus greeted me. At only 13 months of age, Linus is very high energy. I couldn't even bend over to feed him. To let him out on his lead, I had to get onto the floor and try to "hook" him up. The pain was horrid. As a new resident of Collingwood, I didn't know anyone locally that I could call to look after Linus. And I had to be back at the hospital the next morning to meet with the orthopedic surgeon. Even then, I knew I was in for a minimum of 6 weeks before I could put weight on my leg.

The next morning, I called Top Dog. I was "completely beside myself". I actually didn't think you would come all the way to Collingwood. But not only did you pick up Linus ....you were there in an hour and a half.

Before I moved to Collingwood from Toronto in June, I did extensive research to find the best dog-care facility in Southern Georgian Bay area. Linus is my third dog. I was so pleased with the puppy training and day-care Top Dog provided throughout the summer and fall. Nonetheless, on the morning of November 13, you showed just how passionate and dedicated you are to the welfare of dogs.... and their owners!!!

My heartfelt gratitude for your support and kindness to me and your superb care of my Linus. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, ml


So.... I know what everyone is thinking.... That's ALOT of money to train my dog!!! Well I said the same thing, but I decided to make the choice for the best interest of my pup and my family and.... Let me tell you that NEVER in a million years would I have EVER expected to get the dog I have today! For the first time I could walk my dog without pulling and guess what... I ACTUALLY was able to enjoy him! His reactions to commands I never thought he'd do he does without hesitation! I am so happy with the training my boy got and the puppy I have now! And I'd pay for it all over again if I had another pup... So do your self and your dog a favour and board and train with Kacy you will NOT be disappointed I can guarantee that! Her follow up and care for my dog went beyond a job she treats them like her own! Remember Yours and your dogs relationship is worth everything your willing to put into it!
The Leblanc family

Tammy Leblanc

I am delighted to write a letter to recommend Top Dog K9 for an Excellent Service Award. My husband and I got our first dog in November and reached out to Kathy, Kacy and the group to help us. We did the puppy training classes to help us learn how to train our puppy. They were available beyond class hours for our questions or concerns. When our puppy got sick, Kathy made a house call to make sure she was ok and that we were able to keep up with our training from home. As new pet owners it was so comforting to have someone available to call when we had any questions. I think they definitely deserve an Excellence Award!

Julia Walsh

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for how well you took care of my four legged son today.
After he was attacked I was terrified that all the time and effort I put into making sure he was a well adjusted dog had gone to the wayside.
You have no idea the comfort and peace you brought me knowing Bernie would not only recover from what happened to him, but he would now have a second home with more friends than he knows what to do with!
Thanks and see you soon!!!

Alex and Bernie



 · April 12, 2017

My puppy Charlie loves this place he’s pawing at the door as soon as we arrive as he can’t wait to get inside. The staff are incredible Charlie learned so much in paws and play and they are so helpful when you have questions my puppy is nice and tired after a few hours at top dog a tired puppy is a good puppy!! Jenn Chalut