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Proud Winner of Community Votes Barrie 2021 

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About Us...                                        Serving Orillia, Barrie and Area


   The concept of TopDog began over 25 years ago with Kathy Currie-Eyers' dream. She dreamt of creating a caring, learning environment for dogs. A place they could go and learn skills that would make them valued members of their families and keep them in their forever homes. With science based training, positive reinforcement and ongoing education, we have helped hundreds of dogs work through various behavioural issues, and develop deeper, happier relationships with their people.


   That dream became a facility in 2005, with the opening of our first location in Barrie. Since then the TopDog brand has excelled, winning multiple awards such as Barrie's Best Facility. Along with Readers Choice awards under categories of Training, Daycare and Grooming. Most recently they were honoured with the Consumer's Choice award and places in the top three for  Communnity Votes Barrie 2021. Top Dog's Muttessori recently stole the show in the Barrie scene taking top spot for Dog Training and 2nd place for Dog sitter all the way from Orillia! 


    Over the years we begin researching enrichment for dogs (more detailed information about that                ).That's when Topdog's Muttessori was born! We are a premium doggie enrichment and training facility where dog's can come to play, exercise, and learn while you work! We offer enrichment daycare, daycare based training programs, as well as group classes and individualized training and in home overnight care. We also work with our sister location in Barrie to offer full pet care services including grooming and overnight care.

    We also operate Just-n-Time Rescue which is a small but loving all-breed dog (and the occasional cat) rescue that operates out of TopDog in Barrie. Since conception, Just-n-Time has helped save many dogs from euthanasia and even more find the right furever home. 

What We Offer


Enrichment Daycare

We offer enrichment-based daycare where your dog doesn't just come to play, but they exercise their minds too! While enjoying group play, your dog will work on manners, problem solving, and basic obedience. They work while you work. Packages and memberships are available for pre-purchase. *assessment is required*


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great option to address one or two specific needs, and are a great starting point for dogs with difficulties focusing with even minor distractions. In-home lessons are great to address issues that are specific to a certain place, person, item or location, or for dogs that lack confidence and social skills to start off in a group setting. Dogs with aggression issues, whether dog-dog or dog-human, often start with a behavioural assessment and and then work towards other training options that are fit. Issues best suited for private lessons are lack of respect with a particular person, counter surfing, aggression issues, behaviours occurring specifically in the home (i.e. door greetings & children interaction)

Pawsitive Tutoring

The pawsitive tutoring program is designed to combine play and learning into one visit at daycare. It is ideal for puppies, basic manners and obedience. It is also a great option for common pain points such as; leash walking, greeting strangers, door manners, and nipping. We have also adapted the program to work wonderfully for confidence building and socialization regarding both people and other dogs. You can add a tutoring session to either a half or full day, during which time they are taken out of play to do a one-on-one training session with one of our trainers. 

*assessment is required*

Board & Train

Board and trains are full immersion training for your dog. They come and stay with a trainer around the clock, to have 24 hour lessons and conditioning. They range from 1 week to a month, with longer options for more severe cases. Board and trains are designed to address all issues from housebreaking, obedience, leash manners, house manners, greeting strangers, puppy issues, crate training, life skills, confidence building, energy and outlet management, and minor issues regarding guarding, barrier aggression and ego. Dog reactivity, and dog-human aggression require a specialized program and operate on a different rate system according to each dogs requirements. Please contact us for more information.  

*assessment required*

Training a Puppy

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to get attention and focus from you dog with increased distractions. They closely mimic the level of distractions your dog will meet in the real world. They are a great fit for almost all dogs - reactive dogs may require a specialized program.

Class schedule and start dates vary, to see a list of our upcoming classes, click the link below. 


In-Home Overnight Care

We have limited spaces for suitable clients to come and stay in our homes with our families while you're away. We also offer on-site overnight care at our Barrie location where your dog can have a slumber party with our on-site overnight staff.

*assessment is required*

Nail Clip

Spaw Services

We offer nail trims, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

We work with our sister location in Barrie to offer full service grooming

*by appointment only* 

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