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About Us                                                    Serving Barrie, Orillia & Area

     TopDog began over 25 years ago with Kathy Currie-Eyers' dream. She dreamt of creating a caring, learning environment for dogs, a place they could go and learn skills that would make them valued members of their families and keep them in their homes. That dream became a facility in 2005, and since then TopDog has excelled and won Barrie's Best Facility numerous times along with Readers Choice awards over 8 years under categories of Training, Daycare and Grooming. Most recently they honoured with the Consumers Choice award as well.

     With science based training positive reinforcement and ongoing education we have helped hundreds of dogs work through various behavioural issues, and develop deeper, happier relationships with their people.

  We are a premium doggie training and enrichment center where dog's can come to play, exercise, and learn while you work! We have Barrie's largest indoor/outdoor dog daycare specializing in manners, large group play, confidence building and basic obedience while monitoring and facilitating safe group play.

  We are excited to have opened our second location in Orillia, which specializes in group classes and individual training as well as enrichment and training based daycare, and in-home overnight care. Orillia will also work with our Sister Barrie location to offer full pet care services.

    We also operate Just-n-Time Rescue which is a small but loving all-breed dog (and the occasional cat) rescue that operates out of TopDog in Barrie. Since conception Just-n-Time has helped save many dogs from euthanasia and even more find the right furever home. 



We offer various group based training classes, programs that combine enrichment daycare and issue specific training, as well as private lessons both in your home, and on site. We also offer various levels of board and train programs where your dogs come and stay with an instructor for total immersion around the clock training programs.


We offer between our 2 locations not only large group daycare but now enrichment-based daycare where your dog doesn't just come to play, but they exercise their minds too! While enjoying group play, your dog will work on manners, problem solving, and basic obedience. They work while you work. Packages and memberships are available for pre-purchase. Assessment is required.

In-Home & Traditional Overnight Care

We have limited spaces for suitable clients to come and stay in our homes while you're away. We also offer on-site overnight care at our Barrie location where your dog can have a slumber party with our on-site overnight staff. This service includes a full day of enrichment daycare the day of your dogs stay. Assessment is required.

Levels Memberships

Bathing & Nail Trims 

We offer bath & brush services, along with de-skunking and flea treatments. We also offer nail trims and ear cleaning, and limited grooming at our Barrie location.

Appointment necessary.  

We created Membership Training Classes with our clients in mind. Everyone has busy lives, and schedules. So when your training class is only offered in one time slot per week, it can make it hard to commit to training the dog. We at TopDog have come up with a solution for that! We now offer training levels on various days and times of the week. You purchase a membership ( like a gym membership ) and then chose the time slots that work for you. We have also added the convenience of you being able to self schedule your classes online once you have purchased your membership 

Taxi Services

Our Barrie locations offers pick up and drop off services departing for pick ups around 10am and returning your exhausted pooch in the afternoon. This is a great way to get your puppy tired, but also get to work on-time!






Barrie: (705) 812-7529

Orillia: (705) 796-3647


Barrie: 366 Huronia Rd 

Orillia: 63 Dunedin


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