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Day Training

Day classes are a great way to get attention and focus from your dog with increased distractions. They closely mimic the level of distractions your dog will meet in the real world. They are a great fit for almost all dogs - reactive dogs may require a specialized program.
Packages & Pricing

Puppy Preschool and “Paws N Play” day training programs are add-ons to any regular daycare package

6 visits for $155+hst                                  12 visits for $288+hst  


This program starts with all the basic obedience skills, things like sit, down, stay attention to name, leave it, foundation of coming when called as well as some crate training


Our Specialty Training, which is geared toward specific issues and can include off site training/field trips, (things like walking nicely with distractions present, stranger danger reactions etc.…)

This program is also an add on to our regular daycare and will be:

6 for $200+hst                                      12 for $390+hst

Walking Dogs
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