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Day Training

Day School for DOGS!

This is a great way to get your dog off on the right paw while you are at work!

We offer Puppy Preschool, for the babies, Paws N Play for the older dogs and Speciality Training (off site training) for specific issues.

*prerequisite for speciality training is basic obedience skills 

Packages & Pricing
Puppy Preschool and Paws N Play day training programs start with all the basic obedience skills, like sit, down, stay, attention to name, leave it, foundation of coming when called, as well as some crate training. 
*These are add-ons to any regular daycare package*


6 sessions for $150.00+hst        or        12 sessions for $285.00+hst  






Our Specialty Training, which is geared toward specific issues and can include off site training/field trips, (things like walking nicely with distractions present, stranger danger reactions etc.)

*This program is an add on to our regular daycare package*



6 sessions for $190.00+hst         or         12 sessions for $375.00+hst


                We have added enrichment training to our day school!

        Things like scent work for fun, trick training, brain work, problem solving
        plus agility fun tunnels and jumps. Each session is 
15 minutes.

                     *This program is an add on to any daycare package*

                  $20.00+hst per session   or  6 sessions for $100.00+hst

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