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Evening Classes

We offer various group based training classes, our current classes are listed below.

Current Classes

Reactive Level One - February 1st 8:00pm

Fungility - February 4th 12:30pm

Basic One - February 21st 6:15pm

K9 Manners - March 8th 6:15pm

Basic One - March 23rd 7:00pm

Basic Two - March 23rd 6:15pm

Puppy Preschool (Every Monday except Holidays)

Junior Kindergarten – puppies under 18 weeks 6:15pm

Senior Kindergarten – puppies over 18 weeks OR large breed dogs 7:00pm

$198 + hst for 6 weeks


Basic One – This class is for dogs over 6 months of age that have not had any formal training. Learn the basics and give your dog the tools for success by learning commands such as Sit, Down, Attention to name etc. This is the next level for puppies 6 weeks $198 + hst


Basic Two - Dogs that have the Basic One and have trained with us previously. If your dog has trained elsewhere, your pup will need to complete the basic challenge test to make sure this is the right class for them. This class includes learning things like hand signals, hands free heeling, place work, longer stays more distractions 6 weeks $198 + hst


K9 Manners - For dogs that know their basic commands but ignore their owners in the face of distractions. Real life scenarios, teaching things like self control and manners (ie. Say please etc.) 6 weeks $199 + hst 


Reactive Dogs - This is for dogs that 'react' to things like other dogs, people, vehicles, etc. dogs that are not necessarily aggressive but look aggressive and make big loud displays. Class focuses on confidence building for the dogs and humans, foundation behaviors, escape plans and home management. First class is without dogs. 5 weeks $250 + hst 


Reactive Level Two - Dogs in this class must have completed our level one reactive class or be approved by our staff.  This class takes these dogs out in public to dog friendly areas, working on keeping their focus and working with the owners to focus on their dog, surroundings, and relaxing tension on the leash. First class without dogs. 6 wks $250 + hst 


Workshops on Loose Leash Walking and Reliable Recall - Offered occasionally when there is interest 2 wks $90 + hst

Not sure which class is right for you? Please email us and we will help you make this choice based on your dogs previous training.

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